Our collection of all-natural granite countertops combines beauty, durability, and low maintenance to make it both practical and aesthetically stunning. Granite countertops are a great option because of their unique nature, as you won’t find two identical slabs.

Are granite countertops durable?

Similar to quartz in its density, granite countertops are incredibly durable. They are heat-resistant and nearly scratch-resistant, making them almost impervious to damage.

What is the cost of granite countertops?

While granite has a reputation for being expensive, that’s not entirely true. While some slabs are a significant investment, others could be as low as $45 per square foot.

Are granite countertops easy to maintain?

Granite is a low-maintenance countertop because of a simple sealing process that protects it from staining, which gives you more time to clean up spills without permanently marking the stone.